Sunday, May 3, 2009

Workouts in Abu Dhabi

During my stay in Abu Dhabi during the last couple of weeks of April, I was able to do the Swimming and Triathlon workouts at Raha International School with Coach Mark Pringle. On Tuesday evening, a couple of us swimmers lost our cookies. Luckily I didn't lose my lunch until a couple of seconds after I finished the last set. Kind of embarassing. I didn't feel it coming and I don't know what it was...probably just 100 degree weather and a warm pool.

On Thursdays, Mark has us swim 200m and then run 1k for time. Also doing push-ups, sit-up, leg-lifts and dips between 50 sprints. It was a great workout and highlighted the need for additional strength training.

On Saturday, the Abu Dhabi Tri Club met up at the beach at Mangrove Village for 800m time trials. We did an initial swim for time. Based on our finishing time, we did it again, staggered so we would all finish at almost the same time. It was quite fun and quite a crowd! I think we had 25 people out.

I followed up with a nice 20k ride around the between the bridges area of Abu Dhabi with a few tri club folks. I popped a tire 3 feet from my car upon returning. Apparently a piece of gravel had become lodged between the rim and tire. I lucked out that it didn't pop any sooner. I have to replace the time when I return to Abu Dhabi. I flew back to Orange County on Saturday morning, May 2nd.